Monday, 21 September

Today’s technology seems to also find its way to the outdoors enthusiast. I have been geocaching already for a number of years, and when I go hiking and camping, I tend to use my GPS to track my path, and I use the smart-phone for other “smart” stuff.

You can enjoy the outdoors even on a small budget. For most outdoors endeavors, the gear don’t have to be expensive or high-end quality. Although there are situations where you can’t compromise quality, for example, snow camping.

Backyard camping by the fireBackyard camping by the fireBack in August 2009, we were having a nice backyard “bushcrafting party”. At some point, while we were making the fire, the knife, unbeknown to us, fell in the fire, and the handle was totally destroyed.

Fitting the handle to the knifeHandle has been shaped to fit the knifeGreat! An excuse to make a new handle!