Monday, 21 September

I got some new snow shoes (never done snow shoeing before), and wanted to get out on the 2nd weekend in January, to try them out. The closest place with possible snow is the Marble Mountain Sno-park, located on the south side of Mount St. Helens, in southwest Washington. I hadn’t been in that area yet this winter, so I had no first-hand information about the snow-conditions there.


Although this day-hike was fun in many different ways, the sole purpose was trying to carry a loaded backpack up the steep mountain trail.

One of my potential snow camping scenarios this winter is hiking up the Bells Mountain Trail here in southwest Washington. It is a 2 mile hike-in, of which the last mile is a 1000 feet ascent up to a 1500 feet elevation.

0 1 Map3D 150x150The Bells Mountain Trail itself is 7.5 miles long. This story is about hiking only the first, steep part of the trail, starting at the Moulton Falls Park, and ascending on Bells Mountain.