Tuesday, 13 April

Trail on Silver Star MountainTrail on Silver Star MountainNorthwest Sisu Outdoors started as a YouTube Channel back in 2009, as a means of sharing our passion for the outdoors.

But we wanted to do more than just sharing all the fun: We wanted to inspire others to get out there too, and enjoy the wonders of nature!

In the area where we live, there are an abundance of outdoors resources, everything from city parks to wilderness. Many of my friends and family are avid outdoors-people, hikers, hunters and fishermen.

But we are getting more and more urbanized. We are spending more and more time indoors, lured by all the electronic wonders, such as Internet and TV.

But I am not trying to make anyone drop their gadgets and run  for the woods.

But rather I wish that we would find a balance, find time to get out once in a while, for refreshment of our bodies and our minds!

My hope is that this website and its affiliated sites will inspire and motivate us to get out there and have fun!

See Ya on the trail!

Juha Tyni