Tuesday, 13 April
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Northwest Sisu Outdoors is mainly engaged on YouTube, on the nwsisu channel. There has not been any recent uploads, due to lack of time for outdoors related stuff. There is good community activity on the channel, though. Being such a small niche on YouTube, the channel is getting a fair amount of views, although nothing is going viral, like in the millions of views :).

 The currently best performing video is the "How to make a quinzhee" video. As of June 2016, it has averaged more than 700 views/day, with a total of more than 300,000 views! None of the other videos on the nwsisu channel get nearly as many views.

The nwsisu channel subscription has reached 1000 subscriber, and that is without any campaigns or any other marketing attempts to boost subscriptions (many of the videos do have a link, encouraging subscriptions).

I do have advertisements on the YouTube channel, and on this site. I try to keep it subtle, so it won't distract the viewers too much. The goal is that the ads would generate enough income to cover the expenses of maintaining this web site. Any additional income would go toward gear, such as better camcorders, etc...

I had a Twitter account briefly, and a Facebook page for a longer period. But I removed the Twitter account, and just recently disabled the Facebook page. They didn't seem to be very useful. There is also a Google+ page, which I created at a time when Google forced YouTube users to make one. But that rule doesn't apply anymore, and I might disable to Google+ at some point, if I don't start using it actively.

I would rather spend the limited time and resources improving the nwsisu YouTube channel and this web site.

Recently I have been making knife handles, and have quite a few knife projects in the queue over the summer and fall. I am hoping to make at least one video about that.

I am also getting back into geocaching after a number of years away from it. I started creating  a basic guide to geocaching on this site (due to inquiries from friends and acquaintances). It will be a static (permanent) page on this site, and will be improved over time.

 Indian flint spear head knives with wood handlesHere is a picture of my latest knife handle project, The handles are attached to Indian flint spear heads.

Please let me know what you think of this site, and how I can improve it. And go enjoy the great outdoors!

Juha Tyni


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