Tuesday, 13 April

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is a form of treasure hunting. Basically, you go look for a hidden cache, based on GPS coordinates you download of the Internet.

A person who would like to place a geocache, finds a suitable container, puts a few items in it, maybe from the dollar store, and a notebook (guestbook) and pencil for logging. The container is then hidden somewhere outdoors, and the GPS coordinates, along with a cache description, are posted on the Internet, typically on geocaching.com.

If you want to find a geocache, you would log in on geocaching.com (you have to register in order to use the service, it's free). Then you would search for a geocache by your location. You download the cache location coordinates to your GPS unit. You then head out and find the cache, using the GPS navigation. 

Once you find the cache, you can leave a note in the logbook, but more importantly, log the find on the geocaching.com site! That's it!