Latest updates on my web site, and the YouTube channel.

It all started years ago as Northwest Sisu Outdoors, where I shared my exciting outdoors adventures.

But in recent years, I have scaled down quite a bit on outdoors activities, although I still occasionally do my favorite adventures, such as snow camping, and an occasional challenging hike.

But instead, I am spending more time on my other hobbies, such as 3D-printing, model railroading, wildlife (bird) photography, and of course, anything related to automobile troubleshooting and repair.

Those hobbies generate plenty of great material for sharing on Internet blogs and videos.

In order to include the other hobbies, I, a while ago, added separate blog sites and YouTube channels as part of branching out from the Outdoors. But it turned out to be too time-demanding, so I decided to simplify and combine my social presence.

I got rid of the additional sites & channels, and changed my Internet presence from “Northwest Sisu Outdoors” to just “Northwest Sisu”.

I even considered dropping the YouTube channel, but with over 5,000 subscribers, I think it is too valuable to drop, so instead I re-branded the channel to fit my new objective.

So here I am now, with a new website, built from scratch, and with new use of my YouTube channel.

As time allows (mainly on my weekends), I am re-loading some old material, and adding material that hasn’t been published before. As I work on new projects, I hope to share those also, keeping the website and the YouTube channel interesting and relevant.

Here is a link to my YouTube channel:

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