Tuesday, 13 April

The completed handleThe completed handleI wanted to make my own stacked wood and leather knife handle. I purchased a full tang Mora knife blade, and got the material for the handle from scrap I had at home. For the wood, I used an old hardwood piano bench leg, and a thick birch branch.

This how-to article is about how to make a self-closing fluid chamber, or in other words, an automatic valve, for a pressurized alcohol stove.

Alcohol stoves are ultra-light backpacking stoves, usually made of various types of soda, energy drink and beer cans. 

This is a great story about the survival of my DeLorme unit from quite an ordeal in the elements! I should really write a comprehensive review of the unit, after all the years I have been using it, but that will be for another day.

Today’s fast-pacing development in the consumer electronics area has been benefiting the outdoors enthusiasts as well. Of course, it does have its flip-side too: Aren’t we supposed to get away from all the modern technology, and just enjoy the simplicity that the outdoors provides?