Tuesday, 13 April
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The completed handleThe completed handleI wanted to make my own stacked wood and leather knife handle. I purchased a full tang Mora knife blade, and got the material for the handle from scrap I had at home. For the wood, I used an old hardwood piano bench leg, and a thick birch branch.

Wood material used to make the handleWood material used to make the handleFor the leather, my wife gave me one of her old black leather purses. For the end pieces, I used an old brass wall candle holder.

The bolster was made off brass from an old candle holderWood material used to make the handleI cut out and sliced the various pieces, and stacked and glued them on the knife tang, locking it all up tight with the brass end pieces. I shaped and polished the handle down to shape, mainly using a file (for the brass), a rasp, and sand paper. I put a few layers of clear coating for the finish.

Stacking and gluing the knife handleStacking and gluing the knife handleI ended up using the knife over two summers, before it eventually broke. The blade and the handle were strong enough for their intended use, but I tend to beat my knives, using them where I should be using a hatchet or axe instead.

When I took apart the broken handle, I noticed rust on the tang. Over time, the stacked pieces had loosened up and moisture

I think I can still use this handle. I may or may not repair the broken tang. If I don’t use the full tang, I will make a solid one-piece wood handle. was able to get in between the pieces.

Handle broke when beating the knifeHandle broke when beating the knifeThe most important lesson for me, I think, is that I need to get a hatchet for my wood cleaving instead of using the knife.

If I make a stacked handle again, I will use thicker leather, more birch wood, because it has nicer pattern, and I would use a darker coating for the finish.

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