Tuesday, 13 April
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Backyard camping by the fireBackyard camping by the fireBack in August 2009, we were having a nice backyard “bushcrafting party”. At some point, while we were making the fire, the knife, unbeknown to us, fell in the fire, and the handle was totally destroyed.

Fitting the handle to the knifeHandle has been shaped to fit the knifeGreat! An excuse to make a new handle!

I had some dry birch tree branches laying around. I cut out a piece of the branch, with a diameter slightly bigger than the original handle. I drilled a hole through the center for the tang, and rough-shaped the piece to fit the knife.

All it took then was using a rasp to shape and round off the handle, and using the various grits of sandpaper to work it down to a very nice and smooth finish.

After secound round of stainAfter secound round of stainI applied  three coats of stain, dipping the handle in the stain and letting it dry between the applications.

But there is more to the story… I tried to sharpen the blade, but it kept breaking up, being very brittle. I contacted a great blacksmith who also is an importer of the Swedish Mora knives. He explained to me that the blade steel got damaged in the fire, and would have to be re-tempered.

The knife with its new handle, in its original sheathThe knife with its new handle, in its original sheathI ended up ordering a new blade for the knife, a Swedish Eriksson/Mora high carbon steel blade.

The knife was originally purchased in Finland many years ago, and it came with a nice leather sheath.

This knife is featured in the second half of this NW Sisu knife-making video!

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