Tuesday, 13 April

Three years ago, when I for the first time attempted to make a fire with bow and drill, I spent hours and hours, without success. I probably didn’t have a clue how it was supposed to be done.

So I started searching the Internet and watching YouTube videos for clues to doing it right. And I kept practicing until I finally got a fire!

Often when you are out there hiking or what not, your mobile phone or GPS unit runs out of charge. You might carry some extra batteries for your GPS unit, but most likely not for your cell phone. One option is a crank dynamo charger, which I wrote about in my previous blog, and for which we made a video review on the nwsisu YouTube channel.

Today’s technology seems to also find its way to the outdoors enthusiast. I have been geocaching already for a number of years, and when I go hiking and camping, I tend to use my GPS to track my path, and I use the smart-phone for other “smart” stuff.

You can enjoy the outdoors even on a small budget. For most outdoors endeavors, the gear don’t have to be expensive or high-end quality. Although there are situations where you can’t compromise quality, for example, snow camping.