Tuesday, 11 May
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This summers outdoors activities have been mainly hiking, of which the best one was ascending the summit of Mt St Helens, an active volcano located in southwest Washington.

 There hasn’t been much activity on the NWSISU website and the blog. I have to admit I rather hike than write about it. I do love to share my outdoors endeavors, and that’s the reason for this site, but I am not a good writer, it’s hard to get the great outdoors adventures put down in word format.

Mt St Helens was ascended in the end of July with some of my co-workers. It was a blast, as always! I got a lot of video footage, and made a couple videos, one for the ascent, and one for the descent. For “ordinary” people, those videos are probably boring, but if you haven’t climbed the volcano before, and would like to do it some day, you would love to watch these videos! They give quite a good idea of what the hike would be like.

Next hike will be Silver Star Mountain, a very beautiful hike. I am hoping to get a lot of good video footage for a nice review of the hike.

If you would like a review of a certain trail here in southwest Washington, please let me know, and I will try find time to hike it and make a nice review of it.

Of course, if you have any questions about hiking Mt St Helens, please post either here, on the NWSISU YouTube channel, or on the NWSISU Facebook page, and I will be happy to answer!


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