Tuesday, 13 April
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A trail entrance at Lewisville ParkA trail entrance at Lewisville ParkThe Lewisville County park is located just north of Battle Ground in Clark County, WA.

It is a large park on the north side along the East Fork Lewis River, on the east side of State Highway 503.

There are numerous picnic areas with various sizes of covered shelters. There are playgrounds, sports fields, swimming spots, and even a small boat launch.

There is no entrance fee at the park, and it is open year round from dawn to dusk.

In the summer, the park is very busy with families and groups having picnics and birthday parties, or just spending the day there strolling, swimming or fishing of the river.

There are a lot of benches at the Lewisville ParkThere are a lot of benches at the Lewisville ParkAt the time of this writing, it is a beautiful weekday in the fall, the leaves in the trees are turning yellow. It is quieter at the park. The summer crowd is gone. But a number of cars can be seen parked at the various parking lots around the park. Older couples, ladies with their strollers, dog owners with their dogs, are enjoying the day on the many miles of beautiful trails along the river, around the open fields, and in the surrounding hilly forest.

I have been to the park, located only a few minutes’ drive from my home in Battle Ground, numerous times at various family- and church picnics, but I have never hiked the trails in the park.

Large open lawn at the Lewisville ParkLarge open lawn at the Lewisville ParkToday my wife suggested that we go for a walk at the park. She usually walks the neighborhood sidewalks; I prefer the more demanding mountain trails further north in the foot hills, and just being out in the nature. I figured this might be something we both would enjoy.

It turned out to be a great two-mile hike in the gently hilly woods, through the open manicured park, and along the river. I saw many runners there and thought this would be a great spot for hill running, much closer to home than the “ultimate” mountain trail, Bells Mountain trail.

Link to Lewisville Regional Park official website

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