Tuesday, 13 April
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This is a short but cool story about a squirrel who checked himself in at a veterinary office!

Squirrel visiting the veterinarian. Photo: Samuli HeiskanenSquirrel visiting the veterinarian. Photo: Samuli HeiskanenThey had quite a surprise at Morelius, a small animal clinic in Sipoo, Finland, a few days ago, when a little baby squirrel ran into the office.

- "The nose-bleeding, fatigued squirrel clearly knew it was time to check in at the veterinarian's office", small animal technician Samuli Heiskanen says.

- "Suddenly, in through the door runs this little squirrel, climbing up my pants, and I notice that it has a nosebleed and looks exhausted. I gave it water with a syringe", Heiskanen recalls the event.

- "He obviously had an emergency, and felt the need to pay a visit the veterinarian's office".

The squirrel was fed apples, pears, oatmeal and rye crisp-bread. The acute fatigue now seems to have subsided, and overall, the squirrel seems to be doing better.

- "Now it looks like the life smiles again", Heiskanen says about the small patient's condition.

The reason for the nose bleeding is not known, but it could be something as simple as falling off the nest.

Heiskanen does remind that young animals in general should not be touched or picked up. Since in this case the squirrel clearly wasn't doing well, it was appropriate to treat it at the small animal clinic.

The dashing little boy has been busy charming the staff at the clinic, as well as the clinics Facebook followers. In four hours, Heiskanens Facebook update had more than 2,200 likes (A few days later, at the time of this writing, the likes were up to more than 16,000!).

- "There will always be time for such sympathetic buddies. Even on a tight appointment schedule, these kind of patients sure get our attention", Heiskanen promises.

The original story was publish in Ilta Sanomat (only in Finnish!)
Link to the posting on the Morelius animal clinic Facebook page

Photos: Samuli Heiskanen


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