Tuesday, 13 April
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In the glistering snowy mid winter landscape up in the far north Norway’s Lapland, the sun will not appear for days.

On such a short day, when dawn turns to dusk before the sun has a chance to spread its warm rays, a cross-country skier  is adventuring up to the high elevations to get a glimpse of the elusive winter sun.

Once she reaches the top, the sun is barely above the horizon, but enough, that the skier gets her reward, soaking in the yellow bright sun shine, while enjoying the stunning white winter landscape, the far reaching territorial views.

Very beautiful an tranquil winter snow landscape! The music in the video is “E Du Nord” by Kari Bremnes.

Skiing at Mt St HelensHere in the Pacific Northwest, you can also immerse yourself in the winter landscape by visiting one of the many mountains.

If you are not into snow-shoeing or cross-country skiing, there are of course ski-resorts where you can do snowboarding and downhill skiing. Also, most of the sno-parks are popular snow-mobile destinations.


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