Tuesday, 13 April

Tales from the Northland

Morning Dew at a house in Northern FinlandTales from the Northland is a collection of outdoors-related stories pertaining to the Nordic countries, located in Northern Europe. 

If there is a cool story you think would fit this collection, please let us know, any suggestions are greatly appreciated! You can suggest stories, by leaving a comment here, or send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

In the glistering snowy mid winter landscape up in the far north Norway’s Lapland, the sun will not appear for days.

On such a short day, when dawn turns to dusk before the sun has a chance to spread its warm rays, a cross-country skier  is adventuring up to the high elevations to get a glimpse of the elusive winter sun.

This is a short but cool story about a squirrel who checked himself in at a veterinary office!

Squirrel visiting the veterinarian. Photo: Samuli HeiskanenSquirrel visiting the veterinarian. Photo: Samuli HeiskanenThey had quite a surprise at Morelius, a small animal clinic in Sipoo, Finland, a few days ago, when a little baby squirrel ran into the office.

Riku Karjalainen, a 18-year old senior high school student from Kajaani, Finland, amassed more than 5000 miles on the road, taking 23,000 pictures at 21 different locations, to create this stunning 4-minute time-lapse video!

The Irish Wolfhound and the bear staring down each other.What happens when dog meets bear? In the best case scenario, they both get scared enough to run in the opposite directions. In the worst case scenario the bear chases the dog, the dog runs to the owner, and the bear attacks the owner. That has  happened, but fortunately not in this story!