Tuesday, 13 April

There is a lot of fun winter activities in the snow season: Skiing, sledding, snowboarding, ice skating, etc...

But you don't have to go further than your backyard on a snowy day for a fun outdoors adventure. And I am not talking about building snowmen and having snow ball fight, which is fun too, but making some cool snow shelters such as igloos, quinzees and snow forts.

In this YouTube video, I am showing how to build an igloo, using blocks of snow.

My quinzhee only lasted a few day, and now it's gone! I made, and uploaded, this just for fun, can't always be too serious here :)

A quinzhee looks like an igloo, with a similar shape. But the construction method is completely different.

Igloos are harder to build but they are sturdier.
A quinzhee is relatively easy and quick to build, a perfect backyards project, but can also be a good emergency shelter.
This quinzhee also has a window and a stove!

A slide show, with a mix of videos and pictures. We did a one-night snow camping trip to the Mt. Adams Recreation area in the in Gifford Pinchot National Forest.