Tuesday, 07 July

Lewisville county Park in Battle Ground, WALewisville county Park in Battle Ground, WAIt is a beautiful weekday in the fall, the leaves in the trees are turning yellow. It is quieter at the park. The summer crowd is gone. But a number of cars can be seen parked at the various parking lots around the park. Older couples, ladies with their strollers, dog owners with their dogs, are enjoying the day on the many miles of beautiful trails along the river, around the open fields, and in the surrounding hilly forest.

St Helens Crater Rim PanoramaIt is mid-august of 2016, and time to climb the Mt. St Helens Volcano again, my seventh time doing it!

This summers outdoors activities have been mainly hiking, of which the best one was ascending the summit of Mt St Helens, an active volcano located in southwest Washington.